Subject: If I said "I will give you $50 for these tapes"

Catherine Ribeiro to sale-j5w3r-166

Would you think:

a) this person's trying to play me for a chump!


b) finally! someone willing to take this junk off my hands!


Catherine Ribeiro to sale-j5w3r-166

Tell me all about this, haggle if necessary.

J B to me

I spent $10 a tape.
Most of the tapes have wisdom in them for any business owner or anyone looking to improve their life at the beginning level. So the wisdom in these tapes are worth more then the $4000 + I spent. And if a person is in the "business", then it's worth more.


Catherine Ribeiro to sale-j5w3r-166

You bought the tapes for $10 a tape???

I was looking, primarily, for a substitute for blank media. I would be recording music on top of the tapes. I am definitely not in "the" or "any" business.

Please continue to update me along your journey.


March 2010; Chattering Class; demo #1